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Community Garden

Fostering Inclusivity, Healing, and Nourishment Through Gardening

Why does Green Wood grow a garden?

Our garden is a healthy and welcoming space that promotes social engagement and emotional healing
through hands-on gardening, outdoor experiences and creative activities. It’s located adjacent to our
Port Hope Community Hive and features a well-equipped tool shed, a greenhouse and a collection of
raised beds sited to the four directions. We learn to grow, share and preserve fresh organic vegetables
and fruit with community members experiencing food insecurity. It’s also a beautiful gathering space for
community events like our Summer Solstice tradition and Indigenous learning that is tied to the land.

An emerging role for our community garden is growing plants for healing. We’re growing herbs and
native plant species that are processed by volunteers into healing salves and tinctures that are shared
back our members of our community who have been marginalized, in the name of health justice.

Who is the community garden for?

Green Wood’s community garden welcomes anyone with any ability, from children to seniors, without
discrimination. We offer regular, weekly garden meet-ups where folks grow and care for the garden. A
full series of creative and educational workshops is available by registration (most are free) through the
warmer months.

Many of our gardens are raised beds that allow a person with physical limitations to participate, and
there is an accessible washroom adjacent to the garden. Through our varied garden activities,
community members who have been marginalized are supported with nourishing food and healing

Are there fees or memberships to participate in the community garden?

Participating in our community garden to learn, plant, tend, and harvest is always free and open to
anyone. We also offer a variety of workshops during the garden season and most are free to the
community. Occasionally, we welcome a guest facilitator for a workshop that has a fee for registration.

What is the timeline for the garden season?

Living in Canada so we can’t garden year-round! We begin with seeding indoors in March and April
and our garden and outdoor activity season runs through to the end of October. Some of our herbal
healing processing activity continues through the winter months as well.

Want to join our garden?

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