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Carol Anne Judd, Cobourg Artist

Photographer donates works of art in support of Green Wood

​“Look up. Beauty is everywhere, but in our busy lives and our troubles, we often don’t see what’s right in front of us. It’s my job to expose that, capture and share it, so people can stop -- just for a minute -- and say, Wow, it’s there, I didn’t notice it before, but now I do.” -- Carol Anne Judd

Starting Monday, Sept. 12 and running until Thursday, Sept. 29, the photography of Carol Anne Judd will be offered for sale on Green Wood Coalition’s Instagram page. A new work of art will be posted daily, going to the first person who comments “SOLD.” Judd is an impressionist photographer whose ethereal, otherworldly images reflect her unique perspective as a person living with a disability, a quality she’s come to regard as her “superpower.” “I look at things from a child’s view. Although I’m 6 ft.1 in stature, from my chair I’m at the level of a child and, in so many ways, look at things as a child might. I see magic everywhere and want to invite others to see that too.” Donating her canvasses felt like a tangible way to help -- something Judd believes everyone who is part of a community wants to do but doesn’t always know how. In the face of the growing opioid epidemic she looked for a way to support the increased demands on Green Wood’s street-level outreach, and art provided the means. Each photograph will be priced at $100, and anyone who chooses to donate more will receive a charitable tax receipt for the additional amount. Half of the proceeds from sales of art will go to Green Wood’s creative programs and half to the Anishnaabe Kwewag Gamig Regional Women’s Shelter at Alderville First Nation. To view the art pieces, visit

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