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Community Learning

Building Understanding, Dialogue, and Collective Action Through Events, Workshops, and Storytelling

What does community learning mean?

Community learning is how we share what we’ve learned with the wider community, and how we bring
the gifts and strengths of our neighbours forward—making the invisible visible.
We create events, workshops and other learning opportunities where we connect and collaborate with
our neighbours to build understanding, dialogue and collective, community action. We invite like-
minded innovators from other communities to share their journey, inspiring further thought and action,
locally. We employ storytelling at these events and through films that we create because we believe
that ‘the shortest distance between two people is through a good story’.

We welcome a broad spectrum of ideas and experiences as we explore ways tot become a more healthy
and vibrant community, through caring for each other and seeking long term change. These events are
accessible to a wide range of the community and most are offered free of charge.

What are some examples of Green Wood’s community learning?

We have dozens of examples of previous events:
Our Community 101 series, our yearly Imaginate event, Homeless Happens Here, Community
Listening meetings, ABCD training, Gabor Mate series, etc. For upcoming Community Learning events please check the 'upcoming events' link below.  

Want to join an upcoming community learning event?

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