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Art Hive

A Creative Community Spaces Where Everyone Can Explore and Express, Regardless of Artistic Experience

What’s an Art Hive?

Green Wood is part of a network of community studios that welcome everyone as an artist
( These are places where creative work of all kinds can happen while connecting socially in
safer spaces to share ideas and experiences. Both of our locations (Port Hope and Cobourg) are official
Art Hives and offer planned programming as well as shared space for other groups. We believe that
everyone should ‘make something beautiful, art, music, dance’. We also believe in snacks!

Do I have to be an artist to participate?

No, we know that for some people that label can be intimidating. We welcome anyone interested in
doing creative work in a community setting. Art groups may be self-guided or facilitated, with materials
and tools supplied. One of the principles of Art Hives is “each one teach one”, recognizing the strengths
and gifts of all who show up to participate. Our Art Hive spaces and activities are accessible for a wide
variety of people, involve minimum commitment, and are almost always free.

Why make art when people may be living in crisis?

Research demonstrates the value of creative art programs in recovery from trauma. Art Hive
participants tell us that their experiences in creative activity rebuild their self esteem and self awareness
so that they are more able to navigate the difficult parts of their life. The social engagement and
emotional healing that emerges from these gatherings (in non-clinical spaces) is effective for rebuilding
identity and connection to others.

How can I get involved?

Drop-in to a regular Art Hive session (see 'upcoming events' for time and location details).
Suggest an Art Hive activity for a regular session.
Rent an Art Hive space for your own activity (contact us).
Host your own Art Hive by booking a workshops with our 

Interested in learning more about Art Hive?

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