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Street Outreach

Connecting with Individuals, One Person at a Time, with Respect and Support

What do you mean by ‘street level’ outreach?

We’ll meet you where you’re at, whether that’s a home, a tent or a park bench. It means that we’d like
to meet you for conversation (with coffee, if possible), listening with respect, and without judgment.
This is ‘go-to’ approach that focuses on one person at a time, revealing strengths as well as particular

Will Green Wood find housing for me?

While finding housing is not our main purpose, and Green Wood doesn’t manage any housing, that’s
sometimes an outcome of the support that we offer. Our strength is one-to-one problem solving,
helping you to navigate through services like government income supports, housing subsidies,
healthcare and emergency shelter—all of which can help to move you toward housing stability. (See also
WrapAround). If you’re currently unsheltered, we can explore options and connect you with survival
gear if that’s what’s needed.

Do you offer meals or give away food?

If you’re hungry, that’s often the most important place to start. We try to stay up to date with times and
locations of food banks and free community meals so that we can share this information in various
ways. In addition, we offer a frozen, prepared meal delivery program that comes with a visit and ‘check
in’ for folks who are limited in their ability to make their meals at home.

Do I need a referral to get help from Green Wood?

Nope. Feel free to contact us to chat and we’ll figure out if our support is what you’re looking for, or if
we can introduce you to someone who is better suited to your need. It’s helpful to know that we’re not
a formal agency that offers case management or typical office hours (see also Wraparound).

What kind of training do your Community Outreach staff members bring to their work?

Our staff have a wide variety of education, training and lived experience, all of which is essential to
understanding individual concerns and wider community navigation. This mix includes formal education
in their field as well as professional development in practical skills like Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
and De-escalation, First Aid and CPR (and Psychological CPR), and Naloxone Training. Our Community
Outreach staff are certified facilitators for RedPath Addiction Recovery and High Fidelity WrapAround
and like all of our team members, are grounded in the framework of Asset Based Community
Development, a way of helping others to find and exercise their personal strengths and gifts .

Are you in need of this type of support?

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