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APRIL 2016

IMAGINE THAT! 4/30/2016

IMAGINATE 2016 was a non-stop evening of ideas, stories and performances that moved, inspired and delighted its enthusiastic audience. Hosted by David Newland, and featuring Lorraine Segato, Sounds of the Next Generation, Rosana Koberinski, Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective, Rosana Salvaterra, Nicole Whitmore, Tom Power and Jordan Axani, it truly was "An Evening of Possibility".

IMAGINATE 2016 was made possible through the generous support of Cameco., as well as in-kind support from The Waddell Hotel and Cultivate: A Festival of Food and Drink.

This collection of photos by Port Hope's favourite photographer, David Goodfellow, captures some of the highlight of Imaginate 2016.

Green Wood Coalition would like to thank the presenters and performer for giving their best. Thanks also to the Imaginate team for their work in organizing the event: Lesley Boileau, Nell Frair, Lana Missen, Rob Quartly, Kaye Torrie and David Sheffield. Of course, an event of this scale would not be possible without a committed group of volunteers, and the staff of the Capitol Theatre. Thank you to each and every contributor.

Radio broadcasting prodigy, Tom Power, has been added to the list of engaging speakers offering TED-style talks at IMAGINATE: An Evening of Possibility, this Thursday evening at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Port Hope, ON. Power, best known as one of the youngest hosts of a CBC Radio national program, was originally slated to be the event’s host, but a scheduling change has led to an added value for IMAGINATE.

“If you know anything about Tom Power, you know he's from Newfoundland,” says IMAGINATE organizer, David Sheffield. “He knows what he's made of and that’s what he’s going to be talking about—remembering where you’re from.”

A beloved presence in the music industry across Canada, Power sits on the board of the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society, he is a juror for the Polaris Award, and a member of the JUNO Roots/Traditional committee. Power began hosting CBC Radio’s Deep Roots in 2008 while he was a student of folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. When he’s not on the air, Tom leads his own band, The Dardanelles.

Writer and musician, David Newland, will take on hosting duties for the night. He was recently named a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a distinction that reflects a lifelong engagement with landscape and story. Newland is currently developing his musical presentation/performance, The Northwest Passage in Story and Song, based on his travels in the Arctic, to tour Canada-wide in 2017.

Green Wood Coalition’s annual, community-wide event, IMAGINATE: An Evening of Possibility is set for Thursday, April 28 at 7 PM. Over the past three years, IMAGINATE has gained status as an event that is “a must attend” for a growing number of Northumberland residents. It’s expected that the choice of Port Hope’s Capitol Theatre will increase the profile of this year’s event.

IMAGINATE will showcase outstanding speakers, music, film and an original contemporary dance performance-- each exploring this year’s theme, "We All Have a Story". A reception, featuring locally-sourced cuisine, catered by Cultivate: A Festival of Food and Drink, will follow the main program.

A BIG IDEA 4/16/2016

What if a town decided to give everyone enough money to live above the poverty line? What would change?

Those questions were put to to the test in Dauphin, Manitoba from 1974 to 1979 and the results of this research, long ignored in boxes, are now all the buzz. Basic Income Guarantee or BIG is once again being explored and experimented with, as a way to address the income gap and the social costs of material poverty, in countries as diverse as India and Finland.

At IMAGINATE: An Evening of Possibility on Thursday, April 28, Dr. Rosana Salvaterra will share some of the findings from the Dauphin, Manitoba Mincome project and make the pitch for a national BIG solution. Dr. Salvaterra is the Medical Officer of Health for Peterborough, and an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto. She thinks that the Basic Income Guarantee is one of the best ideas for solving poverty and health issues--an idea that has agreement from both the right and left ends of the political spectrum.

Tickets for IMAGINATE 2016 are available at the Capitol Theatre Box Office in Port Hope.

Cardio-vascular disease. Obesity. Alcoholism. Diabetes. These conditions may have one surprising factor in common: childhood trauma -- according to a massive study called "Adverse Childhood Experiences", or ACE.

This is a very different lens through which to view poverty in our community. ACE is the framework behind Green Wood's RedPath addiction recovery program.

In a series currently running on CBC Radio's Ideas program, Mary O'Connell explores the ACE study and how its findings are being integrated into medical practice today, as well as, what happened at one high school when suspensions and punishments were replaced with new "trauma-informed" approaches.

You can listen to this three-part series here.

You can read more about the ACE Study here.

IMAGINATE is thrilled to host a return visit by one of last year's best-loved acts, Northumberland Contemporary Dance Collective. Principal dancers, Rebecca Baptista, Katie Flindall and Stephanie Booth are professionally-trained, world-traveled, classical and contemporary dancers who are engaging new audiences by creating dance works that express, and relate to, the experience of life in our community. Their repertoire includes “Go Where The Love Is" based on homelessness and addiction, “Girl from Roseneath" a folk tale poetry collaboration and the newly choreographed, “Settlers Day” inspired by the writings of emigrant sisters Suzanne Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill. "Settlers Day" will premier at IMAGINATE on April 28. IMAGINATE 2016 offers so much for the mind, the heart, and, of course, the palette, making it a "must see" on the spring calendar. Tickets are available through the Capitol Theatre Box Office.

Jordan Axani, a globally-renowned entrepreneur, author and speaker, is set to speak at IMAGINATE 2016 in Port Hope, Ontario on April 28​

Jordan was the focus of the most viral human interest story in the history of the internet. On a dare, he posted a simple message on Reddit in late 2014 offering anyone who shared the same name as his previous partner a leftover plane ticket for a trip around the world. This simple deed of trying to pay it forward earned a shocking 4 billion media impressions, landing him on Good Morning America, CNN, BBC, ABC and 30,000 other press outlets globally.​

However, the real story began when he ended up in a Hollywood cyclone of public and media pressure to fall in love with his new travel companion. This sent him into a downward spiral as he duked it out with media, often on camera, about how that’s not how reality works.

With a “let’s cut the crap already” approach, Jordan argues fervently that imperfection is the gateway to profound breakthroughs, both personally, and in business.

Jordan is the founder and CEO of Bounde, the world’s first peer-to-peer support mobile application for people undergoing mental health challenges.

Tickets for IMAGINATE 2016 are available through the Capitol Theatre box office:

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