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APRIL 2019

Please join us for our Annual General Meeting, an informal roundup of our 2018 activities, and a glimpse behind the scenes at Green Wood Coalition. An added feature of this year's gathering will be a screening of the short documentatry, The Manitoba Story. The filmmakers reconnected with participants in the Dauphin, MB Basic Income pilot of the 1970s to understand the impact - the stories they uncovered are incredible and they'll have you wondering - why did it take 40 years for them to come to light! Click here to watch the film trailer.


IMAGINATE 2019 was a great success, thanks to the great presenters and artists, hard work by our organizing team and volunteers, and the generosity of our sponsors. ​We sold out both the Daytime Conference and the Evening of Possibility, receiving responses like this from our audience members:​

“What a day! So many stories! So much inspiration, and so many ideas.” “It was such a powerful evening--such outstanding speakers.” “Very strong lineup of speakers, panelists and workshop facilitators, with inspiring and re-charging mix of entertainers. I could have happily attended all the worshops...tough to choose from such a strong list!” “IMAGINATE went far beyond my expectations. Well organized with relevant and current topics.”

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