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This post by Green Wood Outreach Worker, David Sheffield, earlier this week reflects the frustration of meeting people who have fallen through the cracks in our community, and are most at risk. This conversation that has started, we hope, will lead to some people who have been forced outside, coming indoors.

This cat and it's owner are homeless in Northumberland at the moment. The cat is staying at a shelter that provides food, water, support and a comfortable bed. The human is 'sleeping rough'* in our community, having been disqualified from receiving any sort of emergency shelter.

While I was making calls and visiting police stations on behalf of this person today, I was approached by another individual, also disqualified from any form of emergency shelter, also 'sleeping rough' in our community.

Incidentally, there is no appeal process if one is disqualified shelter.

I know it's summer and these people are not likely to die overnight (unlike the individuals I wrote about in February), but where is the justice, the compassion for our neighbours. And I have to ask, "will this problem be solved before winter?"

Northumberland is proud of it's reputation as a friendly, safe, caring community. But I have to question the press release when I encounter individuals who ( in spite of their being disabled, poor, injured, bullied, abused and pushed aside) are being treated as if they were criminals.

A measure of a community's values is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens.

Northumberland County, your grades are low today!

I'm glad that the pets are finding shelter, but when will the same concern extend to humans in our community.

'Sleeping rough' is the most extreme form of homelessness. It means living on the street or in alleys, beside garbage bins, in public spaces, sheltered over heating ducts or in any other place not meant for human habitation. It is usually a last resort for homeless people.

We will announce details for IMAGINATE 2015 very soon, but as a primer, our friend Andy Frank has produced this clip of highlights from IMAGINATE 2014 , last February.. Thanks to Andy and to each of the presenters at last year's inaugural event!

Greens & Woods Golf Tournament 2014 was brilliant day, from plenty of sunshine to great friends and delicious food. Thanks to organizers, Jeff Bray and Amelia Sheffield for their hard work, and to each volunteer that contributed their effort toward making the day a huge success.Staff of Port Hope Golf & Country Club were outstanding hosts. A special thanks to our Signature Sponsor, Cameco for their great support. Thanks, also to our Hole Sponsors: The Social Luke Despatie & The Design Team Integracheck Norpack Handling Holton Flowers Mom 2 Mom Boutique & Consignment Trenholm Parker, RE/MAX Ganaraska Animal Clinic Millstone Bread Ganaraska Art & Framing Frank's Pasta & Grill Bray Construction The Ross Family

Thanks also to our prize donors: Pangaea Restaurant, Toronto and Marriott Bloor Street, Toronto. Queenie's Bakeshop, Black Beans Steakhouse & Lounge,Trattoria Gusto, Furby House Books, Olympus Burger, Faun Boutique & Salon, Mad Monkey, Kenneth Bell, Tim Horton's, My Bark Avenue,The Social.

READY TO ROLL 8/10/2014

The sun is up this Sunday morning and we are looking forward to a beautiful and fun time at today's 'Greens & Woods Golf Tournament' at Port Hope Golf and Country Club. We'd like to offer a huge thank you to each person who has committed time to making this event happen and support us through the day (there are some surprises yet to unfold). Thank you also to our hole sponsors and to our signature sponsor, Cameco.

We'll post some photos here and at our Facebook group (Green Wood Coalition) after the fun dies down.

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