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Possibly the biggest untold news story of the year is the local housing emergency and the wider housing crisis in this country. Northumberland journalist, Robert Washburn recently invited Green Wood's Executive Director, David Sheffield, and Meaghan McDonald, Executive Director at Habitat For Humanity Northumberland, for a longer form radio interview to wrestle through this housing issue and explore possible solutions. [You can follow Robert's stories at or on 89.7 Truly Local Radio]


We’d like to wish our friends and neighbours a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. Through the realities of grief and loss, this is a difficult day for many, but please know that we are thinking of you and holding hope for better days. To all who are with us on this journey, thank you for keeping faith. [Thanks to Domnie Doig for this illustration]

It's time to reconnect!

It feels like a long time since we've been able to gather to share a meal and encourage each other in person, so we're excited to welcome Community Dinner friends back to the table on Sunday, December 12. This dinner will feel a little different, and there are limitations in place but we look forward to seeing our friends at the Port Hope Rec Centre (at the fairgrounds on McCaul St. Port Hope). The meal will be provided by Lisa's Catering. Numbers are limited to 150 people. If you can join us, the Rec Centre/Health Unit require the following: 1. Register for a free ticket (click on the button below) before Dec. 12 2. Bring your proof of double vaccination (printed or on your smartphone) 3. Bring a piece of ID (must have your name and birth date on it) Doors will open at 4:30 PM as the check in process may take some extra time. The Rec Centre requires that masks are required except while eating. Thanks to everyone who has taken a part of the work to organize this Community Dinner so that we can celebrate together!

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