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ALL THE RIGHT NOTES 2/25/2015 Judging by the enthusiastic responses from audience members, IMAGINATE 2015 hit all the right notes to make for a stimulating, moving, fascinating, and magical evening at Trinity College School in Port Hope on Valentine's Day. Thanks to Deborah Hackett for capturing these images from the night.

We owe a great deal of appreciation to the presenters, the volunteers, the audience,

and to this wonderful list of of sponsors:


Luke Despatie @thedesignfirm

Trinity College School

The Social Bar & Table

The Waddell Hotel

Summerhill Bed & Breakfast

Ganaraska Art & Framing

Northumberland News

Northumberland 89.7

Premier Dance Studio

Church-Key Brewing Company

Keint-he Winery

Empire Cheese

Millstone Bread

Crawford’s Lakeview Diner

Moore Orchards

Fox Hollow Edibles

A five kilometer walk in Port Hope, Ontario isn't like a five kilometer walk in many towns, but 120 hearty walkers hit the snowy streets and steep hills of the town to support Coldest Night of the Year, raising funds for the street-level community work of Green Wood Coalition.

The final tally for funds raised in Port Hope was an amazing $23,394.00! Port Hope was one of 82 Coldest Night host cities across Canada that together raised a record $2.8 million. Well done, Port Hope!

The night's results included a lot of fun, a few sore muscles, and a greater appreciation for the struggles faced by our neighbours who find themselves homeless, hungry and hurting in the winter. Incidentally, the walk followed a route similar to that taken by some individuals and families would take to access the food bank in town, every two weeks.

A special thanks goes out to Jeff Knott and his team of 20 volunteers for carrying this project to such a successful finish. There is plenty of buzz already about Coldest Night of the Year 2016, next February.

IMAGINATE THIS 2/8/2015 IMAGINATE 2015, hosted by nationally acclaimed writer and humourist Deborah Kimmett, will feature short, TED-style presentations by compelling speakers and performing artists, as well as a visual art exhibition. Locally-sourced food and drink, catered by The Social Bar & Table, will be on offer at a reception (included in your $50 ticket). IMAGINATE 2015 brings together creatives, teachers, journalists, entrepreneurs, social workers, parents, students and farmers to be challenged by the possibility of positive change in our community. It’s that kind of human-level response that is at the heart of Green Wood’s story in Port Hope.

When presented with a difficult problem, there are often two responses to choose from, “the government should do something about that”, or “there’s nothing anyone can do about that”. Green Wood has opted for a third way, stepping forward as neighbours to respond, through trust and intentional relationship, to daily challenges, and provide hope in the lives of our members. Finding that third way is at the heart of IMAGINATE 2015.

In addition to outstanding speakers such as broadcaster, Noah Richler, conservationist, Carmen Lishman and journalist, Steve Buist, IMAGINATE 2015 will include the premiere of both a contemporary dance performance and a short film by award-winning filmmaker, Rob Quartly.

Tickets for IMAGINATE 2015 at Trinity College School are available online at or Ganaraska Art & Framing in Port Hope.

This is going to be so much fun!

Peterborough native, Candace Shaw is a writer, speaker, and cultural animator who has turned her mind and talent to re-shaping organizations and events with the goal of reinvigorating communities. She currently Outdoor Events Director for The Historical Distillery District in Toronto.

Candace will be talking about her experiences as a woman in the music industry and her "terror around doing things like founding a national organization for women in the industry.".

Get your ticket for this and so much more at IMAGINATE 2015 at Port Hope's Trinity College School. Full lineup available at

We're incredibly pleased to be presenting Noah Richler at IMAGINATE 2015 in Port Hope on Valentine's Day.

Trinity College School is the location, and tickets are available on this site and at Ganaraska Art & Framing in downtown Port Hope. A second generation writer (his father was the celebrated novelist Mordecai Richler) ,Noah Richler made documentaries and features for BBC Radio for fourteen years before returning to Canada in 1998. He was the books editor and then the literary columnist for the National Post, and has contributed to numerous publications in Britain, including the Guardian, Punch, the Daily Telegraph, and in Canada to The Walrus, Maisonneuve, Saturday Night, the Toronto Star, and the Globe and Mail.

"Noah Richler is a rarity in the modern age: a true man of ideas. You can count such men on one hand..." --The Western Standard "This is a writer who is fond of people and their quirks and who cares deeply about our country ..." --Literary Review of Canada "His wit is delicious. He is that genuine article, of which there are so few, a public intellectual unafraid of discussion and disagreement. " --Globe and Mail

DON'T FORGET YOUR TOQUE! 2/4/2015 Jeff and Natalie brave the elements, rehearsing for Coldest Night of the Year in Port Hope. The 2, 5 and 10km WALK is held on Saturday, February 21st, 2015, and provides participants the opportunity to experience a hint of the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness while raising much needed revenue for their favourite local charity . Make plans to walk, sponsor or volunteer for Port Hope's Coldest Night of the Year!

It's cold out there! The Coldest Night of the Year is a fantastically fun, family-friendly walking fundraiser that raises money for the hungry, homeless and hurting in 80+ communities across Canada -including Port Hope, Ontario- on Saturday, February 21st, 2015.

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