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MAY 2013



The Green Wood Community is an interconnected web of neighbours who lighten the burden for anyone who is struggling. We may be an office worker or unemployed, a homemaker or a business owner.

Adam (r) owns Queenies Bake Shop in downtown Port Hope where he bakes sweet things and sends some along to our weekly community dinner. Tim (l) is the pickup guy. Incidently, Adam also informally offers ‘complimentary coffee’ (you can pay for an extra coffee that he can, in turn, offer to someone less able to buy one). Cool idea, eh?

Ron, the karaoke-crooning laundromat operator at Port Hope Laundry in the Peter St. Plaza has bravely taken on some pretty unpleasant cleaning projects for us. Ron is also a talented artist (you can see his work displayed on the walls of his shop).

Nicole (l) and Renee (r) have just finished a serious room cleaning job at The Ganny, by the river in Port Hope. They thought it would make a great episode for one of those home makeover shows on TV. Nicole, a recent Addictions Counselor graduate, completed her internship working alongside our Community Outreach Worker, David Sheffield. Renee volunteers at our weekly dinner and in our community garden on Peter St. Their work saved a senior from becoming homeless.

Doug (l) owns Millstone Bread in downtown Cobourg, and Gwen (r) is a member of his friendly staff. They have provided dozens of loaves of bread, sweets and dinner rolls for sharing among our community from their wood-fired-organic-hand-made bakery.

A big ‘thank you’ to these small town heroes who represent the generosity of this community’s support for Green Wood Coalition.

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