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COMING UP AT GREEN WOOD 1/28/2018 Feb. 1: Tickets go on sale for IMAGINATE: We All Have a Story! Visit February: Date TBA for Community 101’s 2018 season opening. Watch the website and Facebook page for date, time and place. Feb. 24: Coldest Night of the Year! Fundraising Walk. Visit to register and for local event details. March 23: IMAGINATE: We All Have a Story, one-day conference and Evening of Possibility. Early Bird ticket sale from Feb. 1-16 at

Whether you plan to walk solo, form a team, pledge or volunteer, the fourth annual Coldest Night of the Year in support of Green Wood Coalition is just around the corner.

The February 24th walk in Port Hope is part of a nation-wide movement to raise awareness and money in support of the hungry, homeless and hurting. Port Hope’s walk joins 120 other locations that, since 2011, have raised over $16.5 million nationally for street-level charities. Last year, over 200 people walked the 2.5 or 5 km distance locally, raising over $48,000 for Green Wood.

Event co-director Judy Hone says the event is as much about coming together as a community as it is about raising awareness of homelessness and fundraising. “People have a lot of fun, but it’s also meant to be a bit reflective,” she says. “February 24 is chosen because it’s statistically the coldest night of the year. While we go out in the cold for an hour or whatever it takes to do the walk, this is the reality for very many people. The cold is where they spend most their time.”

As of mid January, the event was on track with this time last year for attracting teams and raising money. Green Wood’s 2018 goal has been set at $42,000. The walk starts and finishes at Port Hope High School, beginning at 4:00 p.m. with registration and check-in and culminating in a chili dinner, courtesy of community donors, from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

For event details and to register to walk, fundraise, volunteer or pledge, visit:

WrapAround Ready to Launch

Five WrapAround facilitators have been trained, participants have been selected, and, this February, Green Wood’s WrapAround Program will get underway.

Funded by Northumberland United Way with coaches from WrapAround Northumberland, the program is reaching out to a small group of individuals with complex needs. Multi-sector teams composed of friends and professionals that the participant trusts will wrap around the person to seek solutions to his or her full spectrum of needs – from addiction, mental illness or physical or emotional challenges to poverty, homelessness and social isolation.

The effectiveness of WrapAround’s innovative, person-centred approach lies in giving people some control back in their life while building on their strengths, not their deficits. Within a year to 18 months, as new resources and practices are put in place, individuals can expect to transition out of the program.

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