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MARCH 2017

DARE TO WEAR LOVE 3/25/2017 One of the guaranteed highlights of this year's Imaginate: We All Have a Story will be a performance by dub poet, actor, musician, teacher, d'bi young anitafrika. d'bi is undoubtedly a strong voice for our times and we're honored to have the opportunity to present her in Port Hope. Don't miss this one, be sure to get your ticket today at the Capitol Theatre Box Office.

A GOOD SIGN 3/17/2017

There is a legend among the Inuit about the halo that appears around the sun. Known in some parts as siqiniup qilauta—roughly translated, “the sun’s drum”, it is a good sign; a symbol of good luck. Siqiniup Qilauta or Sunsdrum is also the collective name of indigenous performers, Heidi Langille and Lynda Brown, who will be featured presenters at Imaginate: We All Have a Story, at Port Hope's Capitol Theatre on April 13, 2017. Based in Ottawa, they have traveled nationally and internationally, demonstrating traditional and contemporary Inuit throat singing, drum dancing, and games—as well as providing interactive workshops on the history of the Inuit, and their current realities.

"We believe strongly in the strength and resiliency of ​a cultural people that moved from igloo to iPod in such a short time."

Heidi Langille is an urban Inuk with family roots in Nunatsiavut. She is one of the founders of the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre which empowers Inuit families in Ottawa with many programs and services. Heidi was nominated as one of the National Aboriginal Role Models in 2010–2011 which has enabled her to motivate and inspire Aboriginal youth across Canada. Lynda Brown was born in Nunavut, her mother’s family originates from Pangnirtung, and her father is of Scottish descent. Upon graduating from Trent University with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Native Studies and Psychology, she moved to the nation’s capital, home to the largest southern Inuit community, Lynda loves her work with the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre and volunteers her time, primarily focusing on Inuit women and children, with Inuit Non-Profit Housing Corporation.

Sunsdrum is a special presentation at this year's IMAGINATE: We All Have a Story, by our partner sponsor, Adventure Canada, along with our host, David Newland, multi-talented ambassador for Adventure Canada.

Need to learn more about the Opioid crisis that's killing people in so many communities? We're hosting an in-person session around this webinar, on Wednesday, March 22 at 12:30 pm. All are welcome to come along, listen, learn and discuss. Green Wood Coalition, 18 Ontario St., Port Hope.

Responding to the Opioid Crisis in Canada

Parachute and the Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre are joining forces this National Poison Prevention Week to present a webinar on the Opioid crisis in Canada. The abuse of Opioids, most notably in the form of Fentanyl, has slowly grown to epidemic proportions in Canada over the past few years.

Responses to tackling this issue have emerged on different fronts through front line action, community level interventions, enforcement and policy action. Addressing these topics, our three speakers, Dr.Roy Purssell, Detective Constable Brad Reaume, Patricia Cliche, each bring unique perspectives to the Opioid crisis from various regions of Canada.

Humanitarian and harmonica virtuoso, Mike Stevens, will bring his passion to the stage of IMAGINATE 2017. Mike's talent is as unorthodox as his career trajectory. He has logged more than 300 appearances on the world famous Grand Ole Opry stage and is a true pioneer of bluegrass harmonica; creating a much copied style of playing. For more than 35 years Mike has been doing solo live looping harmonica and voice exploration, collaborating in unexpected ways, and continuing to push musical boundaries.

Mike first became aware of the challenges and struggles of Indigenous youth in remote communities when he met Innu youth in Sheshatshiu, Labrador in 2000. Since that time he's been collecting musical instruments to take to remote communities, and teaching kids how to play. In 2002, ArtsCan Circle was founded to expand upon Mike's work, and start sending teams of musicians and artists to Indigenous communities, providing opportunities for youth to learn new skills and explore creative expression.

In the past year, Mike was presented with the Governor General's Meritorious Service Medal, and the Slaight Music Humanitarian Award for his work through ArtsCan Circle.

We are honoured to host Mike Stevns at this year's ​IMAGINATE: We All Have a Story on April 13 at Port Hope's Capitol Theatre.

Green Wood Art Hive has launched as a series of weekly sessions that provide

free, safe and inclusive space in which to be creative.

All are welcome. We'll put on the tea.

An Art Hive:

-welcomes everyone as an artist and believes art making is a human behavior

-celebrates the strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities

-fosters self-directed experiences of creativity, learning, and skill sharing.

-encourages emerging grass roots leaders of all ages

-provides free access as promoted by gift economy

-shares resources including the abundant materials available for creative reuse

-gardens wherever possible to renew, regenerate,

and spread seeds of social change

We are thrilled to announce that Christa Couture, who describes herself as a "singer, songwriter, storyteller, cyborg, half-breed (and then some)" will be a presenter at this year's IMAGINATE; We All Have a Story, on April 13 at Port Hope's Capitol Theatre.

Christa has built a reputation for transforming tragedy into musical triumph, capturing tiny snapshots of grief and elevating each to a unique work of art. She was a recent guest on CBC Radio's Unreserved with Rosanna Deerchild and their conversation serves as a nice introduction to her life and work. Click here to listen.

Coldest Night of the Year 2017 was an amazing show of support for those who are struggling in our community, with over 200 walkers braving the elements. Okay, let's be honest, it was a balmy night in Port Hope, so we resorted to calling it the Coldest Night of the Week. The brave ones were the 64 walkers who headed into the night in Yellowknife, where temperatures hit -24! Thanks to everyone who played a part in Port Hope exceeding our goal--and pushing the national campaign over its goal of $4 million, in support of those who are homeless, hungry and hurting. Be sure to mark February 24 for next year's Coldest Night. Special thanks go out to local restaurants who provided the chili-fest that ended the night, as well as other business sponsors: Winchester Arms Basil's Market & Deli The Mill Restaurant & Pub Railside Restaurant Millstone Bread Tim Horton's Port Hope Olympus Burger Davis Independant Grocer Northumberland 89.7 Lauria Auto Group Local Parent

​Thanks to Walton Street Photography for these great photos!

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