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(Photos: Meghan Sheffield, David Goodfellow)

"A meal is essential to fuel our body, but a shared meal is essential for fueling our civilization".

"The table becomes a place to discover our shared humanity, build trust and ultimately make peace. Whether it’s a simple potluck dinner with friends, or a meal intended to feed a hungry village, eating together can be a catalyst for positive change."

"As the people I meet at our community dinner open up and are honest with me, I find that I become more honest with myself about my own poverties."

-Green Wood's David Sheffield, speaking at Cultivate: A Festival of Food and Drink, in Port Hope, Ontario

After the John Street building that housed Green Wood's office space was sold in mid-July, and we were asked to vacate, a new venue became available and we jumped at the opportunity.

On September 1 we moved into 18 Ontario Street, a space that is twice the size of our previous location and brings all of our activities (except weekly community dinner) into one location. We envision this space being a creative community space that will be home to the Green Wood community, and a shared space for other community activities.

It's no surprise that this move will mean additional costs for Green Wood and we'll be calling on the community to continue their generous support for this new chapter. We are pleased to announce that the Rotary Club of Port Hope has already stepped up as a donor partner, supporting renovations and furnishing at the space.

As those minor renovations are completed over the next few weeks, we expect to be open in time for Community 101 on Monday, September 28 at 7 pm.

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